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We secure your world so that you can focus on what matters.


websites / apps / servers / networks / cloud

Corporate information is the bloodline of an organization. It has to be protected from unauthorized access or damage.

We help you protect your information from wrong hands in whatever form it may be.


WhoWe Are

Pratikar was founded by Kaushal Bhavsar in 2012 with the mission of providing IT security and consulting services to IT, Healthcare, BPO and professional services industries.

Our team is a mix-bowl of security experts, programmers, sysadmins etc. What brings all of us together is that we are all obsessed with security.

WhatWe Do

We work with organizations and institutions as partners for providing information security solutions, consulting and training.

Few of our commonly offered services are listed here.

Security Audit

We identify and help fix security loopholes in web/mobile/enterprise applications/networks or servers.

Source Code Review

We help developers build secure software by preparing threat model and reviewing source code for security flaws.

Security Training

We provide onsite/online security training for developers, IT Managers, CXO etc.


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Here are some frequently asked questions about our company and services.

The word "Pratikar" is derived from Sanskrit, a language of ancient India. It means "Solution, Remedy or Protection". At Pratikar our mission is to solve most complex problems that are being faced by tech/outsourcing industries and professionals. Security is one such problem since understanding security requires understanding the complex layers of computers.

One line intro - We help organizations to secure their systems and fight cybercrime.

Our clients are mostly IT companies, BPOs, Pharma companies, Import-Export firms and mostly every organization that relies heavily on information systems i.e. computers, networks etc.

We also work for several government investigative, legal and security agencies. References can be provided on request.

Being a company with security at its core we take care that we align with security policy of the organization we are working with. Before beginning engagement we can sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement.

If you have some confidential affair, please request our public key for secured email communication.

We operate from our research lab in Ahmedabad, India but we are spread horizontally and vertically. We can reach you at your timezone and coordinates.

We are a team of skilled and experienced consultants and our leader won't like to call us as his employees.

Information security business is about maintaining confidentiality of our clients and we are supposed to be good at it. Hence you won't find any portfolio on this site.

We can provide references of our clients on request.

Contact Us

Ahmedabad 380004 INDIA

phone: +91 8140934414