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Penetration Testing is a goal-oriented process of identifying how a system can be exploited or compromised. A penetration test differs from vulnerability assessment because the goal here is to see if the system is exploitable.

We conduct penetration tests for corporate networks, servers, business applications, web portals, mobile applications, database systems, web services etc.

Need for a penetration test

Penetration tests are necessary for an organization that may have secured their system along with an internal security team. The motive of a penetration test is to validate the security of systems.

Benefits of a penetration test

Penetration testing help identify the security readiness of an organization’s systems. A successful penetration test will help explore the weaknesses in a system that can cause immediate and immense harm.

Our penetration testing services include features like
  1. Covering all WASC, OWASP Top 10, CVE / NVDB / SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities including data-in-motion leakages
  2. Coverage of all attack paths through loophole correlation
  3. Threat Modeling and expert validation along with exploitation
  4. Automated & Manual Testing
  5. Business logic verification
  6. Online vulnerability management dashboard
  7. Transparent, monthly/quarterly charges
  8. PCI and ISO27001 compliance friendly reporting
  9. Research driven delivery

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