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Company history

Pratikar is 10 years in IT Security consulting business, started by two enthusiasts it grew to team of 20 high-skilled IT Security consulting specialists. Here is how we started.

  • 2008. Building the foundations

    Kaushal Bhavsar started the company as a part-time business while pursuing his Master's in Computer Applications. The primary task was the clean computer viruses from networks and computers.

  • 2010. First Employee Hired

    Pratikar received network security contract of two SMB companies and started hiring the first employee.

  • 2011. First Project with Gujarat Police

    Pratikar helped Gujarat Police in investigating a large data theft case and helped in catching the criminals. This was the beginning of collaboration with Gujarat Police.

  • 2012. Moved into a new office

    Pratikar was formally incorporated as a proprietorship firm "Pratikar Technologies" at a new office in the heart of Ahmedabad city